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Vision Testing

We pride ourselves on seeing patients of any age, from infants to adulthood. All of our doctors are providers for the InfantSee program, which provides a free eye exam to infants between the ages of 6-12 months. Generally, we recommend that kids be seen in their first year to make sure their eyes are developing and that they are not at risk for eye problems, such as amblyopia or lazy eye. When these are caught early, your child has a much better chance of achieving normal vision.

All children should have at least one exam before they begin kindergarten as well – don’t let your child be at a disadvantage when they start school due to a vision issue. We also see many school age children, and fit children and teens in contact lenses. Many parents think their child is too young for contacts, but if they are motivated and responsible, most kids do very well even at a young age.

Some parents believe since their child had a vision screening with their pediatrician or at school, that their eyes are fine. While screenings are a good tool, they usually only test a few areas of vision. They do not catch all kids with vision problems, and are not a substitute for a full eye exam with an optometrist.

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