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Trauma & Infections

Eye injuries and infections are never pleasant, and we will always make room in our schedule when you need to be seen for an urgent problem. We should be your first call when you have an eye problem that needs treatment. Scratches on the front part of your eye (corneal abrasions) are painful injuries that need prompt attention. These are treated with bandage contacts and antibiotic drops.

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Red eyes are another common problem that should be addressed quickly. Redness of the eye can be caused from many different problems, such as bacterial or viral infections, inflammation inside the eye, injuries, having a foreign material stuck in your eye, severe allergies or bleeding. An accurate diagnosis is important to getting the correct treatment you need.

Sudden changes in vision, flashes of light or new floaters are also conditions that can have serious causes. Do not hesitate to call our office with questions if you experience any of these symptoms.

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